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What does the word bopper mean?

In today's society, and mostly among ignorant teens, the word "bopper" most commonly refers to a person who performs oral sex on a male's genitalia. However, the word bopper q (MORE)

Who did not get on plane with big bopper?

Waylon Jennings lost the coin toss against Ritchie Valens for a spot on the plane. Fortuitously for him, that loss saved his life. (That is the movie version). Dion, of Dion a (MORE)
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Why is the Big Bopper important to the history of rock music?

Although the Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson) only had one hit, he is more remembered as being one of the three musicians killed in a plane crash just outside of Clear Lake, Iowa, (MORE)
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Did the Big Bopper Richardson ever get married?

Yes JP (Jape) the Big Bopper Richardson Jr. was born to Jiles Perry and Elsie Richardson in 1930 eldest of the three Rchardson boys, born in Sabine Pass Texas died 28 yrs late (MORE)