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Does jay Sean live in a big house?

well somebody said that he lived in a bunglow in hounslow because they went to go see him His Parents still live in that house and yes it is quite big inside - although he h ( Full Answer )
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When did Jay Sean get his big break?

Depends on who you ask, either in 2003 when Rishi Rich signed him to 2Point9 and he made his first album or in 2009 when Birdman & Lil Wayne signed him to Cash Money and he ma ( Full Answer )
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When did Jay-Z get his big break?

1998, with his album Vol.2, it sold close to 6 million copies in 12 months in the United States
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Does Jay-Z have big lips?

Unfortunatly yes he does. Jay-Z does have big lips just like his wife Beyonce Knowles. The reason why I say that is because I feel as if if Jay-Z hadnt have had big lips, he w ( Full Answer )
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Are blue jays big or small?

The Blue Jay is a fairly large bird - as big as a big robin, or bigger.
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Who is McNeely?

There are different people who have their last name McNeely but there is no one with the name McNeely so no one is McNeely. There is a school called Kathleen McNeely though.
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What is the chorus to Jay Z's Big Pimpin'?

The chorus to to Jay Z's song of that name is available on lyricsfreak or lyrics365. Both of these are great sites for song lyrics. The actual chorus features lots of 'big pim ( Full Answer )
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When did Marty McNeely die?

Marty McNeely died on March 10, 2013, in Middletown, New Jersey, USA of Alzheimer's disease.
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What has the author Richard I McNeely written?

Richard I. McNeely has written: 'First and Second Kings' -- subject(s): Bible, Commentaries 'The Widmar (1981) decision and the status of religious liberty on the public c ( Full Answer )