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Who was Big Joe Turner in the year 30?

In 1930 he was The Singing Barman at The Kingfish Club and The Sunset in Kansas City. He didn't hit the big time until he recorded Shake, Rattle, and Roll in 1954.
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Who is Joe Turner?

He is a man that kid napped slaves that were freed.Then he'd force them into labor in his chain gang for many years.Turner is supposed to represent a white racist man from the (MORE)
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How big are Joe Jonas hands?

there not huge you know ! theyre normal and for all the Jonas brothers haters! get a life and stop saying things don't be jealous just because you're not successful in lifee ! (MORE)
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Who was Joe turner in Joe Turner's Come and Gone?

lyrics by Big Bill Broonzy This is a song was sung back in 18 and 92There was a terrible flood that yearPeople lost everything they had Their crops, their live stockThat mean (MORE)
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Qui est big joe turner dans les annees 30?

Big Joe Turner was a blues shout singer who made the boogie-woogie music popular in America from the late 30's into the 1940's. Then he was also involved in early rock 'n roll (MORE)
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How old is Big Joe Turner?

Big Joe Turner was born on May 18, 1911 and died on November 24, 1985. Big Joe Turner would have been 74 years old at the time of death or 104 years old today.
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Why is Big Joe Turner important to Rock and roll?

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Big Joe Turner brought a blues sound to his own brand of rock music gaining him fame as the "Boss of Blues" of the rock world.
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What is Joe Lynn Turner most known for?

Joe Lynn Turner is an American musician/singer. He is known for his work with the rock band "Rainbow" as well as the band "Deep Purple." He is currently 61 years old.
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What movie and television projects has Big Joe Turner been in?

Big Joe Turner has: Played himself in "Rhythm and Blues Revue" in 1955. Played Himself - Singer in "Show Time at the Apollo" in 1955. Played himself in "Nothing But the Blues" (MORE)