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What instrument did Bill Haley play?

Primarily rhythm (ie. strumming) guitar, however he also played bass and taught the man who played bass on the original "Rock Around the Clock" how to play. He also played lea (MORE)

How did bill Haley die?

Media reports at the time said "natural causes, most likely heart attack" but family members are on record as blaming a brain tumor Haley began suffering from in 1979-80.

Who is Bill Haley?

Bill Haley (1925-1981) was a pioneering rock and roll singer. Withhis group, the Comets, Haley was the first performer to scorenational hits with what is now called rock and r (MORE)

What instrument did Bill Haley?

Bill Haley played rhythm guitar, lead electric guitar, stand-up bass and fiddle. On record it was always rhythm guitar, but he performed the other instruments during live perf (MORE)

Why did Bill Haley die?

There are two conflicting reports. The official cause of death was "natural causes, likely heart attack" but family members have gone on record as saying he died from a brain (MORE)

When was bill Haleys first record?

1948 in terms of commercial release. Some sources list two 1946 singles by the Down Homers that allegedly feature Bill Haley but these have been debunked. However a set of rad (MORE)
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Was bill Haley a tall man?

not very tall but i can say he was average ...he had a joyful face ...he was sweet .. nice good lookin gentleman ...