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What is Jacob in twilight?

Jacob in twilight isn't actually a werewolf he is a shape shifter as he doesn't posses all of the features of a werewolf because a werewolf bites people to turn them into were (MORE)
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Who is Jacob sartorius?

A 13 year old singer,who became famous on an application called  vine.His first vine was against bullying.He is very cute and his  first song is sweatshirt so go hear it.

What is 'Jacob' in Italian?

"Giacobbe" is an Italian equivalent of "Jacob." Specifically, the Italian and the English forms are masculine proper nouns. Both come from the Biblical name "Ya'akov." The o (MORE)

What is Jacobs ladder?

Answer   A ladder to heaven as described in Genesis 28:11-19.     Jacob's Ladder   This is mentioned in KJV version of the Bible in Genesis 28 v12 when (MORE)
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Where is Jacob Armen from?

armenia Jacob Armen one of the best drummers in the world is set to release a new album January 2011! It will feature Grammy winners and hold a unique sound that will carry (MORE)

Who was Jacob?

Answer   Jacob was the younger of twin sons of Isaac. The other son being Esau who sold his birthright to Jacob for a "Mess of pottage". Both were enemies from childhood (MORE)
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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Why is Jacob famous?

  In the Bible it says he wrestled with an Angel all night long. Also he had 12 sons and that all were form the tribes of Isreal. He made one of his sons a coat with many (MORE)

Was Jacob a liar?

Do you mean Jacob Black from the Twilight series? If so he wasn't necessarily a liar, even though everyone is a liar at some point, but he did try to get Bella's attentions by (MORE)