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Is 11 a late bloomer for bed wetting?

I wet the bed until I was 14 andI'm 17 right now; so no need to worry! As for your problem: I gave some tips to someone else with this question, so let me take a whack at some (MORE)

Was Amelia bloomer the first fashion model?

Amelia Bloomer has not been widely credited with such a title. Most give that to Marie Vernet Worth, who was the wife of Charles Frederick Worth, the "Father of Haute Couture. (MORE)
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Was Amelia bloomer a Quaker?

Yes, but I don't know if she was before she married a quaker, Dexter Bloomer.
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What is a late bloomer?

A young person who is less physically developed than most of his/her peers, esp. w. regard to reaching puberty.
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Do Irish dancers wear bloomers under their dresses?

Irish dancers don't wear bloomers, but wear more of a pair of giant knickers.    -Actually yes, they do wear bloomers. I am an Irish dancer and most people wear bloomer (MORE)

Why did Amelia Bloomer invent bloomers?

The bloomers were not actually invented by Amelia J. Bloomer. Bloomer caused their popularity by writing about them in her newspaper, the Lily, and wearing them in public, alo (MORE)

When did bishop george bloomer divorce with his wife?

Bishop George Bloomer divorced his wife in 2011. The two were  married for more than 25 years. The reason for the divorce was  stated as irreconcilable differences.
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What do bloomers look like?

Bloomers were long underwear that feminists wore because they  allowed more freedom than a skirt with a corset.
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