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What is a late bloomer?

A young person who is less physically developed than most of his/her peers, esp. w. regard to reaching puberty.
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How did Amelia bloomer die?

Amelia Bloomer died of a heart attack in Iowa, after receiving electrical treatments for her poor health. Her death date was December 30, 1894.
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Why is Amelia Bloomer famous?

She was an American activist for women's rights. Who is she? Amelia Jenks Bloomer was her name. Amelia Jenks was born in Homer, New York on May 27, 1818. She was a very famous (MORE)

Why were bloomers named after Amelia bloomer?

The bloomers were named after Amelia Bloomer because she popularized them in her newspaper, the Lily. She also wore them across the country to lectures and on a day-to-day bas (MORE)

Where does bloomer bread come from?

The bloomer bread is said to have originated from England. It is a  loaf of bread that is thick and long. There are cuts on top of the  bread for it to "bloom" and give it a (MORE)

Why did Amelia Bloomer invent bloomers?

The bloomers were not actually invented by Amelia J. Bloomer. Bloomer caused their popularity by writing about them in her newspaper, the Lily, and wearing them in public, alo (MORE)

What do bloomers look like?

Bloomers were long underwear that feminists wore because they  allowed more freedom than a skirt with a corset.
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