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What color is blubber?

Blubber is typically a dark yellowish color, but it can be lighter  in color as well. Depending on the animal it comes from, blubber  may sometimes have dark areas on it.
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Do sharks have blubber?

No, most sharks are cold blooded and thus do not need to have a blubber layer to insulate their warm insides. Even the Great What Shark which can keep certain parts of the bod (MORE)
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Do dolphins have blubber?

yes they do. it is a .75 to 1.5 inch thick layer of fat just below the surface of skin that helps keep in their warmth. they are warm blooded
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What animals have blubber?

The animals that have blubber are: whales, seals, sea lions,  elephant seals, walruses and 40% of Americans most aquatic and/or  semi-aquatic animals.    Don't forget (MORE)
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What is a blubber nugget?

It is blubber, fried and eaten originally from Alaska, Somehow it ended up on "The Fairly OddParents"
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What is whale blubber?

Whale blubber on the other hand is their fatty layer between their skin and outer skeleton (or cartilage depending on the type)

What is blubber?

A layer of fat just below the surface of the skin is called blubber . Eg: Sea Lion , Whale , Seals.
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Can whale blubber melt off?

Technically, No. A whale is one animal that needs a lot of the fat it has. Unlike a human, if we suddenly starts using more energy and keep it up then we will start losing f (MORE)

Does a platypus have blubber?

No, platypuses do not have blubber. In Australia's mostly temperate climate, they do not need blubber.
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