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What is blubber?

A layer of fat just below the surface of the skin is called blubber . Eg: Sea Lion , Whale , Seals.
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What is dolphin blubber?

Dolphins, porpoises and whales have a thick layer of fat beneath the skin to insulate them so that they do not lose too much body heat in the water. That's the blubber.
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How do you make blubber?

Blubber is the layer of fat under a whale's skin. It comes from the food the whale eats, just like the rest of the body.
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Why do animals have blubber?

Blubber, or fat, is a way to keep an animal warm in extreme cold temperatures, like sea mammals that are in the icy cold Arctic Ocean all their lives. If they didn't have a t (MORE)

Why do penguins have blubber?

Penguins have blubber to keep warm during the winter.The blubber keeps the heat in their bodies and warms them up. To survive the cold of course-a penguin has to spend a long (MORE)

Does a platypus have blubber?

No, platypuses do not have blubber. In Australia's mostly temperate climate, they do not need blubber.
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How do you loose blubber?

You loose it by not sitting on the sofa all day like some people. Go outside, and get moving.