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Is an spiny orb weaver poisonous?

Yes, but this type of spider is typically nonviolent and poses minimal health risk to humans. Spiny Orb Weaver spiders do contain venom, but their mouth is so small and their (MORE)

What is a weaver in medieval towns?

A weaver was a craftsman who used a loom to weave thread into cloth. In the early middle ages weaving was more commonly a home craft, but during the later part of the middle a (MORE)
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Who is Jason weaver?

Jason Weaver is a actor and singer he played as 9 yr to 11 yr old Micheal Jackson in the Jackson 5 moive.And stared in Smart Guy the tv series on WB as marcaus from 1997 to 19 (MORE)
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What is weavers cooperative?

Weavers co-operatives is a system made to reduce the role of the merchants and to increase the profit of the weavers.
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Where are weaver scopes made?

Weaver scopes are manufactured in Japan, to weavers exact specifications. there is some growing speculation that some models in the weaver catalogue may be manufactured to a (MORE)

What is a weaver bird?

The weaver bird is a small bird native to Africa that is related to finches. Some weaver birds build rather large, elaborately woven nests (thus the name 'weaver bird') while (MORE)

When did David The Weaver McKinley die?

  27. DAVID ("THE WEAVER") was born Abt. 1705 in Dervock House, County Antrim, Northern Ireland2, and died 1761 in Chanceford Township, York County, Pennsylvania.   He (MORE)