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What about Bob?

The psychiatrist thinks that Bob is the crazy one. See link below. WHAT ABOUT BOB? What about Bob? I was wondering the same thing. He went to the hardware store and neve (MORE)
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Why Bob and her and not Bob and she?

Both terms can be correct depending on the use. At an early age, we have it drummed into us to say "Bob and I" or "Bob and she". It is not always correct. Compare these sente (MORE)

What is a bob?

There are many definitions, a bob can be: . A haircut . To move ones head . Part of a pendulum . The tied tail of a horse. . A short line - of a poem. . The runner on (MORE)
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Do you say 'he and Bob' or 'him and Bob'?

It would depend on the sentence. Use "He and Bob" any place you would use "he" and "Him and Bob" any place you would use Him... Examples: "He and Bob went to the store." (MORE)
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What are bob?

In Britain, it's a slang term for a schilling. In the field of physics, it's the weight at the end of a pendulum.