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Who was Bobby Darin?

Bobby Darin (born May 14, 1936 in The Bronx, New York; diedDecember 20, 1973 in Los Angeles, California) was an Americansinger whose genres spanned pop, rock'n'roll, jazz, fol (MORE)

How did Bobby Darin die?

First you have to understand Darin endured Rhuematic Fever twice when he was a kid. That kills the heart muscle and he wasnt expected to live past 16. He lived till 37. Had he (MORE)
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WHAT happened to bobby darins son?

In what sense? well, he's in the music business, though not a performer, in LA. He also oversees the estate and legacy of his legendary father. He, Dodd Darin, just accepted t (MORE)

Did bobby darin have brothers and sisters?

yes I think so. He had two sisters, Vivi and Vanna. I know this because Nina was a friend of the family and when I was young we spent time at her home in NJ and in Upstate N (MORE)

Who was bobby darin married to in 1960?

Hilary Duff, but then he, like, cheated on her with Ashley Simpson. obviously. WHAT?? You need to check your facts! Bobby Darin married actress Sandra Dee December 1, 1960. T (MORE)