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What is a 'freeman' and a 'husbandman'?

Answer \n. \nWhat period of usage (century) and where? In England, husbandman generally referred to a farmer, orchard owner, or someone handling livestock. Freeman generall ( Full Answer )
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Who was Elizabeth Freeman?

Elizebeth Freeman was a slave born about 1744. At 6 months she and her sisiter, also named Elizebeth, were sold to John Ashley of Sheffield, Massachusetts, whom she served tel ( Full Answer )
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What is a freeman in rome?

In Ancient Rome, a freeman is a man who was born to free parents although he may not be a Roman citizen. A freedman, on the other hand, is a man who was a slave but who has be ( Full Answer )
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What does Morgan Freeman do?

Morgan Freeman is of course an actor, both stage and Cinema. He also is involved in public service (charity work) and commercial voice overs. When not involved in these pursui ( Full Answer )
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Who is Dylan Freeman?

Dylan Freeman is a talented multifaceted artist. He primarily sings and writes music (he plays guitar, Drums, Keyboard), but he writes stories,news, commentary. Pretty much an ( Full Answer )
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How can you become a freeman?

You buy an orange suit, a crowbar, grow a goatee and finally kill aliens. Good luck to you, sir.
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Who is kaela freeman?

she is a singer and is under sickman records witch is owned by her brother
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What is the Gaelic for 'freeman'?

'Gaelic' is two separate languages BTW. Irish Gaelic would be saorfhear saoirseach (literary use). Scots Gaelic would be saoirseach or bùirdeasach (freeman of a cit ( Full Answer )
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Who is Matthew Freeman?

Matthew Freeman, born on April 23, 1966, is an American bass guitarist who has done work with the bands Rancid, Devil's Brigade, and Operation Ivy. Matthew has been an active ( Full Answer )
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Who is Alan freeman?

There are many different and various Alan Freemans. One of them is my dentist, but I think it unlikely that he is the one to whom you are referring.