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How is a body like a building?

A body is like a building in several ways. Bones are like  supporting columns of a building, giving ridigity and strength. The  nervous system is like the electrical wiring, (MORE)
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Do people body build for a hobby?

  Answer     Yes, some people do body build for a hobby. If they are interested in what they want their bodies to look like physically, it is often a motivator (MORE)

Tips for Short Bodybuilders Looking for Better Exercise

Bodybuilding focuses on building muscular size or sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. The exercises are designed to increase muscular sarcoplasma, which is a fluid that fills the muscle (MORE)

5 Interesting Bodybuilding Books

Whether people are strength training novices or experienced weightlifters, bodybuilding books can be useful resources. Countless books are published for the sole purpose of ed (MORE)

Bodybuilding Workout Plans for the Beginner

Beginning a bodybuilding workout plan is not something you should jump into blindly, especially if you are new to exercising. Your main goal is safety and knowing the limits o (MORE)

10 Bodybuilders Who Went Way Too Far

Bodybuilding is not usually an extreme sport. However, once it goes beyond the basic strength training and enters into professional competition, it can start to become risky. (MORE)
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Does Klonopin effect body building?

I have been taking it for six months.. It hasn't affected my lifting or strength at all . I admit it made me lazy the first couple of weeks I was on it

What are the disadvantages of body building?

If you start young you grow to be short i think that body building want some arrangement in food and running for not having fats and using natural foods not protean and powder (MORE)