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How is a body like a building?

A body is like a building in several ways. Bones are like  supporting columns of a building, giving ridigity and strength. The  nervous system is like the electrical wiring, (MORE)
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The basic building blocks of the body?

Cells are the basic building blocks and units of the body.. A group of cells make up tissues which in then make up organs and then organ systems..
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Does Klonopin effect body building?

I have been taking it for six months.. It hasn't affected my lifting or strength at all . I admit it made me lazy the first couple of weeks I was on it

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What is the best vitamin to take to build your body?

I wouldn't think there is any vitamin to take to Build Muscle, But some friends and I drink whey protein drinks and they are supposed to build muscle, I will say that in just (MORE)
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What are the Substances that are necessary for body building?

If you are just starting body building don't hit the substances to hard. Whey protein is good for repairing muscle quicker. When taking whey protein or any protein you must dr (MORE)
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What is body building food all about?

Actually all food is potentially bodybuilding, or body building.That is the main purpose of food; energy or building materials forthe body. What people refer to as bodybuildin (MORE)