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Who is the bogeyman in the WWE?

first of all it is the boogeyman not bogeyman, and his real name at birth is Marty Wright. He got the name Boogeyman because his birthday is on Halloween and the other reason ( Full Answer )
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Why are children afraid of the bogeyman?

they are afraid because most of the children get nightmares about the boogeyman and are crying and keep the lights on all night
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What does the bogeyman look like?

The answer to this question may vary, because bogeyman tales differ by region. Some legends say that the bogeyman has no real appearance, but some legends also say that a boge ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of 'bogeyman'?

The bogeyman is less a mythic creature and more a folk loricmonster created, most likely by parents who used this nonspecificcreature to keep their children in bed and not out ( Full Answer )
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Does the bogeyman exist?

No, but the bogeyman can just be a collection of your fears. If you dispell those fears, there will be no bogeyman in your life. But, seriously, there isn't a real dude under ( Full Answer )
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Is fungus the bogeyman real?

No that is just a made up story to scare the kids. but who am i to say hes not real.
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Is the bogeyman returning to wwe?

No. This is a rumour. Boogeyman is not returning to the WWE. He has made a few part-time and sporadic appearances with the WWE but nothing long-term and concrete has been fina ( Full Answer )
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Where did the idea of the bogeyman come from?

The idea of the bogeyman (also spelled boogeyman or bogieman) was a non specific monster that came from Southeast Asia. This monster has no specific appearance.