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Who were the bourgeoisie in the Middle Ages?

The middle class was the bourgeoisie, which consisted mainly of highly skilled craftsmen and also merchants.    MoreThe people of the medieval middle class were those who (MORE)

What is the bourgeoisie?

The bourgeoisie is the middle class, a class between the laboring  class and the wealthy or aristocracy. The middle class is made up  of people who need education for their (MORE)

How do you pronounce bourgeoisie?

It is pronounced "Boor-gwah-ZEE" or more commonly in the US, bor-jwah-ZEE, not gwah, a slurred jwhah) *see the related dictionary link
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What are bourgeoisie and the proletariat?

The Bourgeoisie are the middle classes, while the proletariat are the working class, which the Bourgeoisie exploited. Communism is popular because it favors many of the prolet (MORE)

How did the bourgeoisie contribute to the french revolution?

As conditions in France in the 1780's continued to deteriorate, the Bourgeoisie and arose to play a more dominate role amongst the revolution. Firstly the social idea of 'uti (MORE)

Why did the Bourgeoisie support the French Revolution?

  Because they were part of the third estate, meaning they were part of the 97% percent of the people that represented France.   In France there were 3 estates: the fir (MORE)