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Who are the bourgeoisie?

Delagates of the Third Estate, whose views had been shaped by the Enlightenment, The upper class. The factory owners. The professional class. The political elite. T (MORE)
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What is the bourgeoisie?

The bourgeoisie is the middle class, a class between the laboringclass and the wealthy or aristocracy. The middle class is made upof people who need education for their work, (MORE)
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What was the bourgeoisie?

The bourgeoisie is the ruling/leech class. The bourgeoisie livesoff the efforts of others and adds little if nothing to society.
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In Marxism who is the bourgeoisie?

The Bourgeoisie are the ruling class, they own all the means of production within a country. They control the state, religion and media to further their own goals and maintain (MORE)
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What did the bourgeoisie do?

They were the middle class in France around 1700. They were merchants, businessmen, lawyers, and bankers. Basically noblemen that couldn't receive the rank that churchmen and (MORE)
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Who are bourgeoisies?

The term bourgeoisie refers to a member of the middle class that first emerged in Europe during the 1500's as a result of the commercial revolution and grew especially with th (MORE)
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Who is the bourgeoisie?

The factory owners . Un Bourg is a small town. Un bourgeois is a typical inhabitant of a small town. The bourgeoisie is the social class of such people - essentially, traders (MORE)
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Who are the proletaraiat and bourgeoisie?

The Bourgeoisie are the Middle Class - Merchants, Doctors, lawyers - originally the people who live in a BOURG, a town, and later coming to mean the people who control the tow (MORE)
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How do you use bourgeoisie?

When speaking of the French middle class, particularly during the French Revolution. ex: When the bourgeoisie revolted, they expressed their discontent by beheading the king. (MORE)
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Who did the bourgeoisie include?

Those who own the means of production and manipulate the proletariat workers by extracting the surplus value of the proletariat laborers efforts.