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Write a brief note on popular culture?

Popular culture, or Pop-Culture is usually what is popular in society at a certain amount of time. It might be a television program, a fashion line, or a music group. Pop-Cult (MORE)

What are the types of popular culture?

I can think of thirteen different types of popular culture: 1.  Books2.  Periodicals (Newspapers/Magazines/Comic Books)3.  Toys/Video Games4.  Television5.  Film6.  The (MORE)

How was the Cold War reflected in popular culture of the time?

Bear in mind that the Cold War lasted for 45 years (1945 - 1990)  and was a huge, global phenomenon, which included the Korean War,  the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisi (MORE)

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How did African American performers influence American popular culture?

In terms of music, they brought about all the ingredients which would eventually help create jazz, the true American genre. These included gospel, old slave songs and perhaps (MORE)
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What is meant with popular culture?

Popular culture refers to a group of things that are popular within a large section of the population at the present time. Historically it is interesting to observe how this c (MORE)