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Who was a leading painter in Fauvism?

The two most important painters associated with the early 20th century French avant-garde movement known as Fauvism were Henri Matisse and Andre Derain, the founders of the mo (MORE)

How did fauvism get that name?

Fauvism derives from the French word fauve which means wild beast. It is called this because a critic said that the violently bright images looked like they were created by wi (MORE)

Why was fauvism so important?

Fauvism was so important as it influenced many art movements to come. It also broke away from the stereotypical idea of "good art" .
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Why is 1 plus 1 2?

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Is 1 1 actually 2?

in the mathematical way, yes but if you would like to see the other ways here's how it goes.. 1+1= a window.. the two 1's make the 2 sides.. the equals sign breaks up and goes (MORE)

Who discovered fauvism?

Fauvism was not discovered, it was a method of painting that was  developed by a group of French artists who called themselves les  Fauves. Their paintings exhibited strong (MORE)
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