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How tall is Brenda Lee?

She was four feet and nine inches tall, with a dynamite voice. She was singing at 6 years old. and making records at 11 years old.
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How did Brenda Lee get scar on forehead?

She was climbing on the kitchen counter to reach for "something"and fell, hitting her forehead on the metal spiked spigot of anoldfashioned karosene can that sat next to an ol (MORE)
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Did Brenda Lee release Music Music Music?

I don't think so. None of my references show* "Music! Music! Music!" (also called "Music! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel In)") as either a single or a track on any of Brend (MORE)
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How many gold records did Brenda Lee have?

Brenda Lee has received 29 gold records so far in her career. Brenda Lee is a famous American pop and country singer with a number of hits and famous albums.
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What has the author Brenda Lees written?

Brenda Lees has written: 'Beyond the registers' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Libraries, Local History, Sources, Special collections