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Began building towns in Massachusetts in 1630?

The Puritans began building towns in Massachusetts in 1630. The  Puritans were part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. One group came  in 1629 and another group came a year la (MORE)

What is the smallest town in Massachusetts?

  * Smallest by population: Town of Gosnold, 86 / City of North Adams, 14,681  * Smallest by square miles: Town of Nahant, 1.04 / City of Chelsea, 1.86
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How did bridgewater get its name?

Bridgewater, New Jersey was named after a town in England of the  same title. Bridgewater, England once held several older variations  of the name including, Burgh-Walter, B (MORE)

How many towns and cities are in Massachusetts?

  There are fifty cities in Massachusetts. Many towns, most notably Framingham, Brookline and Plymouth, are as large as cities, but are not incorporated as cities.   Th (MORE)

What were the important towns or cities in Massachusetts?

Boston is the capital. Falmouth, cape cod and bourne are big places. New Bedford is famous for waleing. sandwich and Lakeville are important. Springfield is western Massacus (MORE)
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