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What is brine?

Brine is another word for - sodium chloride solution Brine means a saturated aqueous solution of common salt NaCl.
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How do you brine pork?

You soak it in a solution of water, sugar, and salt. There are several brining recipes. I suggest you search on the Food Channel site. Many of the brine recipes also include v ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses for brine?

Brine is made into salt which is one of the uses. . Edit : Brine can also be used to separate impurities from organic compounds, when used in organic extractions.
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What is olive brine?

Olive brine is considered a type of mixture. The brine the olivesare placed in is a solution because of the salt dissolved in it.However, the olives make it a heterogeneous mi ( Full Answer )
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How do you brine a ham?

BRINE A HAM OR BACON . Ingredients for 100 pounds of meat:. 7 lb. plain salt (not iodized). Sea salt can be used. . 1 lb. dark brown sugar . 2 oz. salt peter . Additi ( Full Answer )
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What is brine electrolysis?

Brine elctrolysis is where a solution of sodium chloride (common table salt) dissolved in water is broken down into chlorine gas, hydrogen gas, hydroxide ions and sodium ions ( Full Answer )
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Is there an acid in brine?

yes it is a acid because it wont be a acid without acid in it
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What is brining in cooking?

Brining a food means to soak it in a salt water solution for a period of time.
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Who is hero brine?

herobrine is the ghost of minecraft. he tried to have friends butthere was no chance for him to get any. so gave up and startedkilling everyone. he travels for revenge on notc ( Full Answer )
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Where is hero brine?

Herobrine is Notch's evil brother. Herobrine has a steve skin and white glowing eyes. Herobrine is known for going onto people's worlds and killing them. I hoped this helped.