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Is a corporation controlled by stocks or board of directors?

A corporation is controlled by a board of directors, a CEO and a  management team. However, the goal of a corporation is to maximise  the wealth of shareholders, and in doin (MORE)

Why did the British want to control Singapore?

They did not want to control it. The British CREATED Singapore (there was nothing there before the British began to build). The location of Singapore was important to the Br (MORE)

What country is still under British control?

Britain has 14 overseas territories although the majority of these have self-rule and only rely on Britain for defence or foreign relations. These territories include: Angui (MORE)

Why did British take control of India?

There were three main points for taking control: huge benefits through large volume of trade;strategic importance of India; andfear of Russian expansion. These points should b (MORE)

Why did the British come to control India?

Answer English businessmen first came to India in 1612 as the English East India Company in pursuit of the spice trade. Until the early 1700s, they competed with other Europea (MORE)

How did Gandhi get India free from British control?

Mr. Gandhi wanted the control over free India, which was not possible if Pakistan would be a part of India, since Mohd. Ali Jinnah wanted to be the Prime Minister of free Indi (MORE)