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Why did the British want to control Singapore?

They did not want to control it. The British CREATED Singapore (there was nothing there before the British began to build). The location of Singapore was important to the Br (MORE)

Why did British take control of India?

There were three main points for taking control: huge benefits through large volume of trade;strategic importance of India; andfear of Russian expansion. These points should b (MORE)

When did British Control Thailand?

Britain controlled part of the south including Phuket, a small part  of the north near Burma, France did likewise near Laos, Cambodian  border. The country was never fully o (MORE)

Are the British still in control of India?

No, India gained independence on August 15 1947, the day after Pakistan was partitioned from "British India" to become an independent state. India is one of 54 sovereign sta (MORE)
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What is process control box?

A data structure created by an OS when a user initiates execution of a new process. It gives substances to the processes and serves to control it.

Was Australia under British control?

Yes. Australia was colonised by Britain in 1788, and thus was completely under British control until 1901, the years of Australia's Federation. Even then, Australia remained u (MORE)

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