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British Medical system?

This question refers to the healthy system of the United Kingdom.  The official name for the system is the National Health Service,  which provides socialized medicine to th (MORE)
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What are the problems associated with the collection of medical statistics?

Data from many sources (e.g. primary care records, clinical trials, observational studies, etc) are analysed to create medical statistics. These statistics are then collected (MORE)
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What political party has American Medical Association supported?

Originally they were affiliated with the Republican party but they have swapped to the democrats in the recent years because of medicare and passing patients' rights legislati (MORE)

How do you report a doctor to the American Medical association?

  First - The AMA does not have anything to do with reporting a doctor regarding conduct etc. The AMA is an organization, which allows doctors (if they choose so) to b (MORE)
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What is the British Medical Journal all about?

The British Medical Journal is about helping doctors making better decisions. The BMJ publishes articles about different medical topics on a daily basis. BMJ's aim is to infor (MORE)
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What is International association of medical tourism?

  International Association of Medical Tourism (IAMT) is a non-profit organization, registered in the state of New Jersey, USA, committed to facilitate top-of-the-class we (MORE)