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What did John Brown hope to accomplish by raiding Harpers Ferry?

John Brown planned to steal weapons from where they were being  stored for the war in Harpers Ferry and distribute them to slaves  and start a slave rebellion. Obviously Joh (MORE)

Why did john brown seize the arsenal at harpers ferry?

John Brown believed that it was his purpose to fulfill "God's will  on earth", which meant to him the abolishment of slavery at any  cost. His plan was basically to have oth (MORE)
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What did John Brown raid Harper's Ferry to obtain?

In 1859, John Brown and his militant abolitionists wanted to free slaves by force, and they sought to steal arms and ammunition from the armory at Harper's Ferry, Virginia (no (MORE)

What did john brown do at Harper's ferry?

John Brown was an abolitionist who had fought in Kansas and Missouri. In 1859, he planned to free and arm slaves in Virginia, and thereby disrupt the institution of slavery in (MORE)