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What is brunette?

A brunette is a girl with dark hair, brown or black. 1. (of hair, eyes, skin, etc.) of a dark color or tone. 2. (of a person) having dark hair and, often, dark eyes and darki (MORE)

What is a Bust?

a bust is part of the chest area. It can also refer to a sculpture of the head and shoulders of a person.
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Are brunettes hot?

Brunettes are "hot" because they have thick hair. And they're associated with smartness. To make it look natural, use a color 2 shades lighter than your natural hair color for (MORE)
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Are brunettes boring?

No, absolutely not. The color of your hair has nothing to do with  your personality. You could dye your hair, but still have the same  personality. Calling a certain hair co (MORE)

What can you do with a bust?

Depending on who it is a bust of you can play dress up. Put on a hat and scarff or tie. If you own the bust you could try putting on make up to make it look more or less real. (MORE)
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Are brunettes sexy?

Definitely. Whenever I'm talking with my friends we say stuff like "hot brunette" pretty often.
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What rhymes with brunette?

barrette, adequate, Antoinette, clarinet, coronet, diskette*, brisket*, forget, Lafayette, violet, violent*, packet*, *slant rhyme
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What does brunette descrbe?

Women's hair is generally described as either blond, brunette or redhead; with brunette being darker hair (brown-black)
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Why are brunettes brunnettes?

Brunettes have brown hair because of the genes of the pigmentation of their parents hair.
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Are you blonde or brunette?

Thanks for asking.....Currently, I am a little of both. I am brunette with chunky blonde highlights in the front. I have a little blue left over in the blondes on the right si (MORE)