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What does a big burly bear mean?

When someone is referred to as a big, burly bear it is usually dueto the person's size in height and weight.
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What does hurly burly mean?

Commotion, disturbance, disorder (in other words a good punch-up). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. The "good punch-up" (MORE)
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How do you unlock burly melee in Super Smash Flash?

Choose a melee mode such as cruel melee, then right click and a settings thing will show up right click to the right of it and another will show up left click on the word "for (MORE)
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What the nationality of Walter burly griffin?

American. You can also tell through his designs. Parkes way- a highway running across a lake foreshore- is a very American feature, which is seen in Griffin's home city of Chi (MORE)
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Do big burly men play football?

Football players can be big in stature, but not all football player are. Size ranges from 6' to 6'4" and 275 lbs to 300 lbs.
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What is the proper definition for burly?

The word 'burly' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun as strongly and heavily built. Example: A burly man needs a burly chair for comfort.
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What is the definition of the word burly?

The term 'burly' usually means a person who is very large, strong and muscular. An example of the term used in the sentence would be, "The superhero looked very burly in his c (MORE)