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How did asa butterfield get famous?

the best answer i have is: as he played roles in After Thomas and Ashes to Ashes people saw him on TV but it was the role of Bruno in The Boy With The Striped Pyjamas that rea (MORE)
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Who is Asa Butterfield?

Asa Maxwell Thornton Farr Bopp Butterfield is an English black-haired and blue-eyed child actor, born 1 April 1997. He featured in movies such as The Boy in the Striped Pyjama (MORE)

What is asa butterfield like in a girl?

Asa Butterfield likes a girl to be nice, gentle, caring, funny. He's like every other guy except famous of course. I've never met him but it would be a dream come true, not on (MORE)

Did Ares from gregor the overlander die?

Yes, the bane ripped out his throat. Photos glow-glow and zap had to chew one of Ares' claws off because Gregor wouldn't let go of it when he was unconscious.
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Where does gregor the overlander live?

I've actually been looking for that. I'm writing a fanfiction about him. He lives in New York, although I'm unsure of where exactly. I remember he's near a park, but that's al (MORE)

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What did butterfield tell the Senate about Nixon?

Butterfield revealed that Nixon had taped virtually all of his presidential conversations and later claimed that the taping system was installed to help Nixon write his memoir (MORE)

Does Asa Butterfield have Webcam or Skype?

Yes, but nobody really knows what it is since it is kept personal. He tweeted "I couldn't live without Skype!" So you do the math, him giving out his skype name, you.. and th (MORE)

When will the 6th gregor the overlander book be published?

There has been much debate over the Overlander Series. Some fans have been hoping for a sixth book. However many fans have stated there will never be a sixth book. I like to b (MORE)