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What is Club Bwana Dik in San Antonio Texas?

Answer - a start anyway... This was an "island theme" bar in downtown San Antonio. To my memory, it was open as late as 1980. It was popular with servicemen (particularly rec (MORE)
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What does the Swahili word bwana mean?

Bwana = Mr, sir, lord, master Mabwana = gentlemen, menfolk It is a word from the Bantu language group. There are many wordsfrom related roots in many African languages; e.g., (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Bwana Devil - 1952?

The cast of Bwana Devil - 1952 includes: Patrick Aherne as Latham Barbara Britton as Alice Hayward Nigel Bruce as Dr. Angus McLean Miles Clark as Mukosi John Dodsworth as Sir (MORE)
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What are the release dates for Call Me Bwana - 1963?

Call Me Bwana - 1963 was released on: USA: 14 June 1963 Japan: 1 December 1963 Sweden: 19 December 1963 France: 12 February 1964 Finland: 6 March 1964 Spain: 1 Ma (MORE)