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What is the best cable news show?

By Ratings it is the O'reilly Factor. FOX News dominates the other cable news networks in ratings.
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How do you install new battery cables?

Take the battery out and find something to cut the old wires off and attach the new ones you will also need a crimping tool
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When can i rent new moon on cable?

New Moon is coming to Dvd on March 20, 2010 and will be available on Cable for rental on that day as well.
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Is New Moon on cable yet?

Yes, New Moon is on cable. You can rent it on Demand, and later on, you might be able to see it on regular TV.
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When will New Moon be released on Cable TV?

New Moon can be viewed on Time Warner Cable's 'On Demand' feature. As to when it will be showing on channels, nobody has released that information.
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Can a new cable affect the channels that you receive?

no it cant because the cable can stay just about anyway eg if it was the new model of the samsung tv it would probably effect it but if yours isn't the type of samsung no it w (MORE)
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Is fox news cable?

Yes it is. Fox News has been a cable channel since its debut inOctober 1996.
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What cable station runs the BCTV news?

The BCTV news operates on two community television networks. It operates on both the Brattleboro Community Television network and the Belfast Community TV.