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Who found cahokia?

A large scale agricultural society that thrived in the Mississippi River valleyin pre-Columbian times.. E. McCray
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What is Cahokia?

Cahokia was a settlement built by the ancient Native Americans. Itwas the largest city that was ever built north of Mexico.
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What was Cahokia?

Cahokia is a large Mississippian (AD 1000-1600) agricultural settlement and mound group located on the American Bottom of the Mississippi River in Illinois. At its height, Cah ( Full Answer )
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Who lived in Cahokia?

Cahokia was almost certainly the first city to be built in what is now the USA. It was built from about 600 AD onwards by the native people now called the Mississippian cultur ( Full Answer )
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When was the battle of cahokia?

Not really a battle, more a very minor skirmish that took place on 26 May 1780.
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Cahokia was the largest what?

Cahokia was the largest settlement in North America from 600-1400 AD, and perhaps the largest human settlement in the world in the 14th century before it's collapse (most like ( Full Answer )
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Who discovered Cahokia?

The city incorrectly named Cahokia was "discovered" by French explorers in the early 1600s - a tribe called the Cahokia were at that time living in the area, so the French gav ( Full Answer )
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What did the cahokias eat?

They ate maize squash sunflower and weedy seed crops. They also atecorn, beans, hunted rabbits, squirrels, bison, deer, wild rice,fish, and drank water
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Why is cahokia important?

because it was proof to the euro-centric Europeans that they did not bring technology and civilization to the natives. The natives already were just as advanced as the Europea ( Full Answer )
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What is the cahokia language?

It is a Native American language that started in what is modern day St. Louis. There's not to much known about this language because they didn't hardly write anything down. Th ( Full Answer )