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What are the cays?

Answer . a cay is a far of island off of many other islands.. A Cay or Key is a small, often uninhabited, island in the Carribean Sea.

What is a cay?

A cay is a synonym for key - as in The Florida Keys. Cay; A low island or reef of sand or coral.

What lives on cay?

A cay is a type of island in tropical climates that forms on sandor near reefs. Sometimes there are small animals and plants thatlive near these cays.

What is the meaning of cay?

A cay (pronounced as "key" or sometimes kay) is a small, low-elevation, sandy island formed on the surface of coral reefs. The term is usually used in the Caribbean. . If (MORE)

How do cays form?

A Cay is formed when Ocean currents loose sediments as they pass over reefs Gradually layers of deposited sediment build up on the surface of the reefs

The antonym of cay?

a cay is a a small island. an antonym means opposite. the antonym for cay is a big country or a big land mass not surrounded by water. like the USA or Asia. Hope this help (MORE)
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What is the settings in The Cay?

Curcao, the ss hato, the devil's mouth, phillip's house, ocean, the cay. I'm sorry if these didn't help I need the same answer to your question too. But the ones I said are so (MORE)