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What is the game of calcutta in golf?

Calcutta is a game which is played with only 3 players. 6 points are up to be won each hole Winner after 18 holes is player with most points. Sharing points per hole: Hole hal (MORE)
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What animal is on top of the Calcutta cup?

It's an elephant. The history is interesting regarding the origins of this cup The Calcutta Rugby Club was set up by traveling sportsmen, often cricketers, public school conne (MORE)
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What is the calcutta cup made of?

The Calcutta Cup is made from melted down silver rupees. This money was what was left of the funds of the Calcutta Rugby Club when it was disbanded in 1878. The club had been (MORE)

In what country is Calcutta found?

  Calcutta is a city found in far eastern India. Its proper name to date is now Kolkata.
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What is Calcutta?

Kolkata is one of the four metropolitan cities in India. The city, formerly known by the name of Calcutta has undergone a sea change in a very short span of time. Kolkata mo (MORE)

Why did Mother Teresa go to Calcutta?

She first went to Calcutta as a school teacher at St. Mary's School  where she had been sent by the Sisters of Loreto.
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