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What is Calcutta?

Kolkata is one of the four metropolitan cities in India. The city,formerly known by the name of Calcutta has undergone a change.
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How many Calcuttas are there?

Kolkata, formerly called Calcutta, West Bengal, India. Calcutta, Suriname. Calcutta, Ohio, US. Calcutta, West Virginia, US
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What is the calcutta cup?

It is a trophy disputed every year between England and Scotland. The winner of the two nations' 6 Nations encounter takes it.
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What region is Calcutta in?

Calcutta is the commercial capital of Eastern India. It is located in the Indian state of West Bengal.
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What is calcutta cloth?

it is a cool, lightweight cloth, usually cototn-poly blend, used in the making of summer clothing
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What did Mother Teresa and her order do in Calcutta?

For over a period of 45 years she and the other nuns, looked after the poor, sick, orphaned and the destitute isn the city of Calcutta. They were called Sisters of Charity.
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What is Calcutta famous for?

Calcutta came into prominence when the Britishers captured it from Siraj-ud-daullah in the battle of Plassey. It was centre for British administration in India and the East In ( Full Answer )
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What contenent is calcutta in?

Asia, It is presently called " Kolkata" and the capital of West Bengal Province in INDIA.