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Why is the Canada goose a symbol for Canada?

The Canadian Goose is a symbol of Canada because Canada has always had the most Canadian Geese in all of the world. People decided that Canada should have symbols and one of t ( Full Answer )
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What is the appearance of a Canada goose?

A Canada goose has a gray body, a white belly, and a black neck andface. It has a white stripe on both sides of its face.
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Why is the Canada goose important to Canada?

The Canada Goose is important because it is a native bird. Like the loon, they play an important role in Canada's tourism industry. They are seen all around Canada, as they mi ( Full Answer )
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Why is the Canada goose a symbol of Canada?

It's native to arctic and temperate regions of North America and it is occasionally found in northern Europe, and has been introduced to other temperate regions.
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Is a Canada goose edible?

If you are hungry, any fowl is edible. Canadian geese are exceptionally delicious when served with a nice bottle of merlot. You just have to watch out for the shotgun pellets. ( Full Answer )
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Is Canada goose nocturnal?

They're not nocturnal, but they can stay up late at night and have been known to migrate at night if necessary.
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Is it Canada goose or Canadian goose?

The Canada Goose is named after a man with the last name of Canada,therefore the proper name is Canada Goose. The goose does not comestrictly from Canada- so it is not a Canad ( Full Answer )
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Why does Canada goose migrates?

You mean why does the Canadian good migrate? Change of weather, reproduction, food needs, and natural migratory bird.