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Who are the characters in 'Canterbury Tales'?

midas, the host (innkeeper), yeomen, condemned knight (from WoB), squire, cook, summoner, pardoner, frair, franklin, plowman, miller, reeve, nun, monk, cleric, parson, merchan (MORE)

What is the moral of poem abbot of Canterbury?

the moral of this story is that only educted person conot do everything but some persons are god gifted they have much talent they can do that thing which an educated canot do (MORE)
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Where is Canterbury?

Canterbury is in Kent, in the South East of England. And in the following states: Connecticut Delaware New Hampshire Pennsylvania Maryland South Carolina Virgi (MORE)

In which state is Canterbury?

  If you mean which state in the USA, then the answer is none of them. Canterbury is a city in Kent, in the South East of England.
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What is the exposition of The Canterbury Tales?

in the begining of the story the king caught foot fungus and they  had to amputate it. After that the king and queen started getting  it on in the bathroom. the end.
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When were The Canterbury Tales written?

The date cannot be determined exactly, but the 1380s are probably  the most likely, as the Tales mention various events at the  beginning of that time period. But no later t (MORE)
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What do you do after you get the glasses?

use them and clean them regularly/when needed. get yearly eye sight check ups, to know if you need new frames ( when your, myopia, astigmatism, etc increase or even when they (MORE)

Why is Canterbury cathedral so popular?

It is so beautiful. I would not say that it is popular, but it is in a beautiful setting, and is very large, the majority of our wonderful countries cathedrals, are visited b (MORE)