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What Bar is in Casablanca?

Ricks Cafe Rick's Cafe Americain (French for Rick's American Cafe).Also, the Blue Parrot bar owned by Signor Ferrari is Rick's #1 competitor in the Casablanca gin joint busin (MORE)
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What is casablanca about?

It's about Rick, a cynical American living in North Africa who doesn't want to get involved in the conflict of World War 2, but is drawn into it by the appearance of Ilsa, a f (MORE)

What did austria want at the World War 1 peace conference?

The Paris Peace Conference was held by the Allied Forces, who won  the War; Austria had been on the defeated side and did not  participate. However, the Treaty of Saint-Germ (MORE)

How many NCAA Division 1 conferences are there?

  31.   America East Conference Atlantic 10 Conference Atlantic Coast Conference Atlantic Sun Conference Big 12 Conference Big East Conference Big South Con (MORE)

What are the NCAA Div 1 conferences and teams in basketball?

NCAA Division 1 conferences:. America East Conference Atlantic Coast Conference Atlantic Sun Conference Atlantic 10 Conference Big 10 Conference Big 12 Conference (MORE)

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