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Why is the relationship between a cattle egret and a cow mutualism?

The relationship between a cattle egret and a cow is called  mutualism because both benefit from the relationship and neither  are harmed by the relationship. When the cow e (MORE)

Why to a cattle egret and a cow live together?

Feeding together would probablybe a better description of their association.   While cattle (or other large, grazing animals) are grazing, insects and other preys are distu (MORE)

What do cattle egret eat?

The cattle egret, Bulbulcus Ibis, an Old World species of Eurasia and Africa, and a fairly recent immigrant to North and South America, and Australia, feeds on fish, frogs, an (MORE)

What is a cattle egret?

A cattle egret is a medium sized heron, white in color, originally from Africa it is now found in both North and South America. Scientists are still unsure about how it has ex (MORE)

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What are adaptations for a cattle egret?

The cattle egret will follow cattle, and will even ride on their  backs to look for insects to eat. It has adapted to forage next to  cattle, rhinos, and even farm tractors, (MORE)