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What is the medical term meaning cauliflower ear?

traumatic auricular hematoma, or "Cauliflower ear" is a condition where an injury to the external part of the ear (traumatic), such as the kind that a boxer would get in a fig (MORE)

Does playing rugby in the scrum give you cauliflower ears?

Scrummaging is the main cause of hematoma auris. This is normally cased by continual banging against the ear - exactly what occurs in the from row when the two front rows enga (MORE)

How do you get cauliflower ears?

Cauliflower ear is a deformity of the external ear caused by  infection or trauma; boxers, wrestlers and rugby players are prone  to this.   This normally occurs when sm (MORE)

What causes cauliflower ear?

It is a non-medical term used to describe an external ear that has been damaged, leaving the cartilage looking lumpy. The lumps are what people have described as looking like (MORE)

How long does cauliflower ear symptoms last?

Cauliflower ear is usually used to describe something which happens to wrestlers and boxers, when the cartilage in the ear is damaged by contact sports. When that is the case (MORE)

What is a Cauliflower?

It is a cruciferous vegetable with a bulky firm head that is the main food. It comes commonly in white but there are yellow, green and purple varieties which taste delicious i (MORE)

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