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What metals or compounds can inhibit cellulase action?

See US patent 6083581 - they use a combination of a protein having an acidic isoelectric point (ex: beta-lactoglobuin) and kymene. Should work for paper or cellulose. The pate (MORE)

Does bacteria contain cellulase?

Cellulases are synthesized in nature by a number fungi and bacteria, although fungal cellulases have received the most attention for research. Some fungal species, most notabl (MORE)

Which fungi contain cellulase?

Acremonium cellulolyticus . Aspergillus acculeatus . Aspergillus fumigatus . Aspergillus niger . Fusarium solani . Irpex lacteus . Penicillium funmiculosum . Phaneroch (MORE)

How do you obtain cellulase?

Most cellulase is extracted from fungal plant parasites. You can buy small amounts of the enzyme in powdered form through Karlan, Inc. There is a company in Japan named Yakult (MORE)
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What is lactase amylase and cellulase?

Each of these is an enzyme which speeds up a reaction in breaking down a substrate. Lactase helps in breaking down lactose, amylase helps with amylose, and cellulase helps wit (MORE)