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What is a cemetery niche?

Actually, this is called a columbarium niche. It's where cremated remains, called cremains, are stored. Depending on how much room is in each niche, the cremains can be stored (MORE)
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What rhymes with cemetery?

berry . perry . carry . fairy . hairy . marry . dairy Sedimentary
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What do you find in a cemetery?

Tombstones, dead people, funerals, ghosts, rain (according todisney movies), flowers, dirt, and sometimes someone buryingsomeone in order to have the funeral (lowering the cas (MORE)
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Where is the confederate cemetery?

There are Confederate cemeteries in every state in the south and several other states where battles took place.
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What is a sentence with cemetery?

This is a sentence with cemetery: I went to the cemetery because my dad died. It isn't a very good sentence!
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What do cemeteries usually have?

Traditional cemeteries have upright monuments, usually made of stone, and may also include private mausoleums
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Are Cemeteries Cursed?

it depends on how you look at it. in most cases they are not, however there are some cemetaries that many believe are haunted, but haunted does not mean "cursed." in many case (MORE)
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Are cemeteries real?

Of course cemeteries are real but not spooky cemeteries so don't worry. In real cemeteries are not that scary so just relax.
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Is a cemetery a noun?

Yes, the word 'cemetery' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a burial ground; a graveyard; a word for a place.