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What is CENTO?

CENTO is the acronym for the Central Eastern Treaty Organization.Also and most seldom referred to as the Central TreatyOrganization. The original name, at the organizations cr (MORE)
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What is CentOS?

CentOS is a Linux distribution intended for servers. It is based off of Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources and is highly compatible with packages for that distro, but is not end (MORE)
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How do you install CentOS?

Download it, burn the .iso file as an image to a CD-ROM. Then, it'll depend on how you want to use it(do you want it virtual, as a dedicated server.....)

When was cento formed?

CENTO is an acronym for Central Eastern Treaty Organization. It wasfounded in 1955 and dissolved in 1979. CENTO was anintergovernmental military alliance that was headquartere (MORE)

What is the origin of the name Cento in Cento Fine Foods?

Cento was founded in Philadelphia in 1963, and served the surrounding Philadelphia, South Jersey and Deleware tri-state area. Now they are much larger and they have very good (MORE)
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What are the features of centOS?

The features of Community Enterprise Operating System or CentOSinclude its availability in multiple languages and its monolithic(Linux) kernel type. Plenty of tech support is (MORE)
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What are the feature of centOS?

CentOS is a free, and open-source version of Red Hat EnterpriseLinux. CentOS only runs the most stable versions of software,lowering the risk of crashes and bugs. It uses the (MORE)

Why did Pakistan join seato and cento?

pakistan joined seato so as to acquire protection against the anti-communist countries like russia and china but later on pakistan left seato because in case if india attacked (MORE)