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What were the ideals of Subhas Chandra Bose?

He was an Indian politician and an Indian freedom fighter. His  political views were focused on the complete and immediate freedom  of India as opposed to the majority of th (MORE)

What is the Chandra analysis?

Hopefully you mean the Chandrasekhar Limit or Chandra Limit (Named after the Indian born Astrophysicist bearing that name) which states the maximum mass of a White Dwarf Star. (MORE)

How did Chandra Shekar Aazad die?

Subash Chandra was a freedom fighter. One day,unexpectedly he saw British soldiers coming towards him. He quickly hid behind a tree. He luckily had his gun with him. Suddenly (MORE)

What is the caste of surname chandra?

Chandra is not a caste. But many Vaisya and Kayasth use this as surname. It is more like a middle name. Like Kumar. But Vaisya and Kayasth in U.P. are using it to disguise the (MORE)