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Is 84 Charing Cross road the real address?

  Answer   There was (and is) a real bookstore at 84 Charing Cross Road, London WC2, and Frank Doel really worked there and sent books and letters to Helene Hanff, b (MORE)
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What is the name of the poem recited in the film 84 Charing Cross Road?

'He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven' WB Yeats Ruth Griffiths ===== (I'm improving the answer above) If it's the poem I'm thinking of, it is from John Donne's Meditation XVII. (MORE)

Why did Justin Bieber cross the road?

Here are some answers from our community: To get to Selena GomezTo hit pubertyTo get hit by a busTo get to the other side
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What actors and actresses appeared in 84 Charing Cross Road - 1987?

The cast of 84 Charing Cross Road - 1987 includes: Nelson Aspen as Student Union Leader Anne Bancroft as Helene Hanff John Bardon as Labour Party Canvasser Connie Booth as The (MORE)