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Is folklore real?

Folklore is a real thing. It exists in all communities. It consists of rumours, legends, stories, songs, jokes, myths, rituals, customs, stereotypes and all of the (usually) o (MORE)

Is the tale of Tarzan folklore?

No, Tarzan is a fictional character conceived by sci-fi author Edgar Rice Burroughs. The very first book was 'Tarzan of the Apes.' There are many other sequels to this book, i (MORE)

What are 7 examples of weather folklore?

Here are some examples of weather folklore:    Rainbow at noon more rain soon.  When the stars begin to huddle the earth will soon begin to  puddle.  When the dew is (MORE)

What is a good example of folklores with traditions?

Base jumping is a tribal folkloric tradition that simulates the  thrill of a free fall as a test of maturity. Dropping from heights  of 15, 20, even 30 feet, young African m (MORE)

What is folklore about?

Folklore is about two people, Ellen and Keats, who come to the village Doolin and meet by coinceidence. Ellen, a 22 year old girl, was sent a letter from the mother whom she t (MORE)