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Who invented surgery for cholesteatoma?

I'm not entirely sure, but you can find more info about cholesteatomas at .
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What is the cause of cholesteatoma?

There a few different things that can cause cholesteatoma. Some ofthese things include a birth defect and chronic ear infections.
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What is a Cholesteatoma?

A cystic mass of cells in the middle ear, occurring as a congential defect or as a serious complication of a disease or traumtic condition of the ear
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What is cholesteatoma?

A rare but chronic inflammatory disease in which skin cells and debris collect in the middle ear, usually as a result of an ear infection.
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What are the symptoms of cholesteatoma?

Some symptoms of the cholesteatoma can include smelly discharged fluid coming out from the ear. As well as birth defect during birth which is also common.