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Who has Christie brinkley been married to?

  She has been maried four times. She had her eldest doughter Alexa with singer Billy Joel. Her only son, Jack with Richard Taubman. And her youngest douhter Sailor with x (MORE)

What happened to christy canyon?

Christy Canyon is a famous actress and dancer. She has retired from  both acting and dancing but still makes occasional appearances and  autograph signings.
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Why is Agatha Christie an important author?

Agatha Christie developed the popular murder mystery format that we all know so well - the one where the detective gathers all the clues (and a few red herrings), then gets al (MORE)

What does dominus nostrum Christi mean?

The words mean "lord", "our[s]" and "of Christ". They don't quite fit together to make a coherent Latin phrase: dominus is nominative (subject form), nostrum is accusative (ob (MORE)
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Who is Heather Christie?

Heather Christie is the now ex girlfriend of singer Anthony Kiedis. She is also a model and the mother of Kiedis' son Everly Bear.
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How did Christy Walton earn her money?

Christy Walton got her money from her deceased husband, Jon Walton,  who, evidently died in a plane crash.
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