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What does a citizen do?

The answser depends on the nation involved. Different peoples define citizenship differently. In the US, ideal citizens are active in matters of both local and national intere (MORE)

What is a citizen?

A citizen is a recognized member of a specific nation. In mostcases, people become citizens automatically by being born within agiven nation, but it is also possible to move t (MORE)

What are citizens?

they are the people Added: (in the US) Citizenship is a status acquired by birth within the United States or through judicial proceedings known as 'naturalization.' One is (MORE)

Who are the citizens?

Type your answer here... People who are legal members of a country. People who live in Canada for example are Canadian Citizens.

Who are citizens?

A citizen is any person under the control of a single government. You and I are both citizens of our respective countries.

If you are not a citizen and marry a citizen are you a citizen?

That depends on where you settle in. If you settle into a place that would make you a citizen, then you're a citizen. If you settle into a place that wouldn't make you a citiz (MORE)

Citizen arrest of an illegal citizen?

Yes...Citizens Arrest is legal under the US Constitution.. A US citizen has the right to arrest an illegal immigrant.. Tens of thousands of citizens arrests of illegal alie (MORE)