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How the computer has an impact on labor force?

computer has the higher efficiency than a human, it's productivity level can be almost twice of human. for an example, calculation speed of a computer is almost ten times or m (MORE)
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Why are 16 year old counted in the Civilian Labor Force?

They are not counted as part of the labor force unless they enter the labor force. They are considered to be part of the eligible labor force because 16 is the age you can leg (MORE)
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What is polo or forced - labor?

Filipino males and mestizos were forced to render free labor which was implemented for 40 days. the people who rendered free labor were called polistas. they built bridges, ro (MORE)

Why is the military not counted in the labor force?

Any country's military is paid for by its gross national product, or GNP. A military structure exists primarily to fight and contributes little if any weath to the GNP, but th (MORE)

What is labor force?

The labor force consists of adults over 16 years of age who are either employed (full-time or part-time) or unemployed. The labor force does not include those people who are n (MORE)

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