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What causes clinical depression?

many things can cause this but from experience, i have found that bullying is a main cause, but more precisely, the fact than an individual may not feel good enough and this m (MORE)
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What is clinical depression?

Clinical Depression . Clinical depression (also called major depressive disorder , or unipolar depression when compared to bipolar disorder) is a state of intense sadne (MORE)

Can clinical depression turn into manic depression?

Not in the way that you are asking. Depression is one illness; manic depression is a separate illness. However, it is possible that you are actually manic depressive or bipol (MORE)

How long does clinical depression last?

  This is kind of like asking "how deep is a hole?". It depends on a lot of things. Most people see improvement in just a few months after starting treatment. The best t (MORE)

Is clinical depression illness or disorder and why?

Clinical depression would be better categorized as a disorder rather than a disease. The distinction is somewhat subtle. With a disease, something has happened to you, either (MORE)

What is clinical depression and its symptoms?

Clinical depression can display any of the following symptoms, which may vary. There are also more than I am listing.   = Difficulty sleeping   = Mood swings   = T (MORE)

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