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Name for black cuckoos?

The scientific name for a Black Cuckoo is Cuculus clamosus. The crossword puzzle answer for for the clue 'black cuckoos' would be Anis. The ani is a black, tropical cuckoo.
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What is a cuckoo?

A Cuckoo is a bird. It lays one egg in a nest of another bird species. When the Cuckoo chick hatches, it ejects from the nest the eggs and/or chicks of the birds which built t (MORE)

Why do the warbler and cuckoo live together?

The warbler and cuckoo live together because the cuckoo bird lays its eggs in the warblers nest. The cuckoo's eggs look so much alike; when the warbler comes back to its nest (MORE)
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What are special features of the cuckoo?

It's a bird that makes the sound "cuckoo" and is famous for laying its eggs in other birds nests. The cuckoo chick then hatches before the other eggs, and pushes them out of t (MORE)

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What is a cloud?

  Very simply, a cloud is "FOG" that is above the Earth's surface, rather than in contact with the ground.   Clouds and fog are one and the same thing, very tiny dr (MORE)

Cuckoo and warbler?

The cuckoo and reed warbler are birds that have a symbiotic  relationship. Cuckoo birds will deposit their eggs in a nest  already established by the reed warbler. When a cu (MORE)

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