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Do inchworms go in to cocoons?

  Yes, I think they do. On Wednesday me and my friend caught a really fat inchworm. We put it into a glass jar with dirt and leaves and grass and twigs and airholes. Two d (MORE)
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What is a cocoon?

A protective covering on a caterpillar that it uses to fully develop into a full grown Moth.
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What rhymes with cocoon?

noon , soon and groom all rhyme with cocoon ase it sounds like a poem haha A: Typhoon, Baboon, Lagoon, Maroon, Dublun (like the spanish coin), Tycoon, Snaphphoon (snaphoon l (MORE)

How do caterpillars weave their cocoons?

The silk comes out of their mouths, and they're constantly in motion while they're weaving their cocoons.
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What is cocoon?

It is basically a silk thread-like capsule for a caterpillar that  it sleeps in for about a month, then emerges as a butterfly or  moth.
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Type of butterfly that comes from a cocoon?

ALL butterflies come from cocoons. No they don't. Moths come from cocoons. Butterflies come from a chrysalis. Actually moths do too, but the caterpillars of moths make a cocoo (MORE)
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Why do cocoons shake?

They are sometimes shaking because they are making there butterfly wings.
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Why is there a cocoon?

There are many insects that go through a stage where they live in a  cocoon. This happens because they are usually changing from a worm  like insect to a flying insect.
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What spiders build cocoons for their eggs?

In most species, female spiders will spin a thick, protective  cocoon for their developing eggs and sometimes the spiderlings once  they've hatched. Some species will leave (MORE)