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What is collation?

  refer the below link , to know about collation   by   bala

What is collation in MySQL Database?

Collation in MySQL Database is a set of rules used in comparisons. Because many people use MySQL with data to be stored in languages other than English, they need to select th (MORE)
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Why it is necessary to collate documents?

If you have 10 pages to copy and you don't collate them you will have to put them together yourself. It is much easier when you copy to have the machine collate and staple the (MORE)

What are collated nails?

Collated nails are nails that are in someway attached to each other in a strip or coil. The most popular collation types are plastic, wire weld and paper for stick nails. Co (MORE)
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What is data collation?

Data collection is a term used to describe a process of preparing and collecting data, for example, as part of a process improvement or similar project. The purpose of data co (MORE)

What is a collating machine?

Definition for a collating machine a collating machine is a machine that is used for collating sheets of paper .a photoeletric device in the machine determines whether a type (MORE)

Who collected and collated the Holy Qur'an?

Ali (PBUH) was always with prophet Muhamamd (PBUH) and every verse revealed he memorized and wrote it on animal skin or boned. then before death of prophet he said to Ali (PBU (MORE)
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Why do people use collated screws?

People use collated screws because they help you carry screw guns when not in use. They are very convenient and easy to use, which is why people use them so much.
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